Intro To Golf

%3ctable%3e %3ctbody%3e %3ctr%3e %3ctd colspan%3d%222%22%3e%26nbsp%3b%3cimg alt%3d%22%22 style%3d%22width%3a 200px%3b height%3a 284px%3b margin-right%3a 15px%3b float%3a left%3b%22 src%3d%22/portals/markpsensky/MPSGolf%2520logo%2520with%2520JR%2520League%25202.jpg%3fver%3d2016-09-19-091344-927%22 /%3eThis clinic is intended for the beginning%26nbsp%3bjunior %28boys and girls%2c 5-12%29%26nbsp%3bwho has an interest in learning golf. Fundamentals of the golf swing are introduced including grip and posture. This class focuses on putting and full swing%2c but most importantly%2c having fun in a safe and friendly environment. We will be incorporating the Snag golf learning system%2c it utilizes oversized equipment and balls creating a positive learning environment as we progress%26nbsp%3bto regular equipment. Equipment will be provided at no charge%2c comfortable clothing and gym shoes are recommended.%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e These are excellent classes to prepare Juniors for the Intermediate Junior Lessons%2c the MPSGOLF.COM%26nbsp%3b Boy%27s Junior Golf League%26nbsp%3b MPSGOLF.COM Girl%27s Junior Golf League%2c P.G.A. Junior Golf League and%26nbsp%3bGirls Independent Golf League %28GIGL%29 %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e For clinics in April and May%2c Please note in the event of inclement weather%2c we will be conducting the clinics indoors at the Historic Village Hall at the corner of Rt. 62 and 31%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3c/td%3e %3c/tr%3e %3ctr%3e %3ctd style%3d%22text-align%3a center%3b vertical-align%3a top%3b%22%3e%3cspan style%3d%22font-size%3a 18px%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3e%26nbsp%3bSpring 2017%3c/strong%3e%3c/span%3e%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %26nbsp%3b%26nbsp%3b%26nbsp%3b%26nbsp%3bSession %235%3cbr /%3e Saturdays%2c April 29%2c May 6%2c 13%2c 20%3cbr /%3e 1%3a00-2%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %236%3cbr /%3e Sundays%2c April 30%2c May 7%2c 14%2c 21%3cbr /%3e 9%3a30-10%3a30%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %237%3cbr /%3e Sundays%2c April 30%2c May 7%2c 14%2c 21%3cbr /%3e 10%3a45-11%3a45%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %238%3cbr /%3e Wednesdays%2c May 3%2c 10%2c 17%2c 24%3cbr /%3e 5%3a30-6%3a30%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cstrong%3e%3cspan style%3d%22font-family%3a MS Sans Serif%3b text-decoration%3a underline%3b font-size%3a 18px%3b%22%3eFall 2017%3c/span%3e%3c/strong%3e%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2318%3cbr /%3e Saturdays%2c September 9%2c 16%2c 23%2c 30%3cbr /%3e 10%3a00-11%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2319%3cbr /%3e Sundays%2c September 10%2c 17%2c 24%2c October 1%3cbr /%3e 11%3a00-12%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3c/td%3e %3ctd style%3d%22text-align%3a center%3b vertical-align%3a top%3b%22%3e%3cspan style%3d%22font-size%3a 18px%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3e%26nbsp%3bSummer 2017%3c/strong%3e%3c/span%3e%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %239 %3cbr /%3e Sundays%2c June 4%2c 11%2c 18%2c 25%3cbr /%3e 10%3a30-11%3a30%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2310%3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday%2c June 5-8%3cbr /%3e 11%3a00-12%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2311%3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday%2c June 12-15%3cbr /%3e 11%3a00-12%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2312%3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday%2c June 19-22%3cbr /%3e 11%3a00-12%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2313%3cbr /%3e Sundays%2c July 9%2c 16%2c 23%2c 30%3cbr /%3e 9%3a30-10%3a30%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2314%3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday July 10-13%3cbr /%3e 11%3a00-12%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2315%3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday July 17-20%3cbr /%3e 11%3a00-12%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2316 %3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday July 31-August 3%3cbr /%3e 10%3a00-11%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Session %2317%3cbr /%3e Monday-Thursday August 7-10%3cbr /%3e 10%3a00-11%3a00%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Student/Instructor ratio 6%3a1%3cbr /%3e Registration Fee of %24109.00 includes%3cbr /%3e Range balls%2c and beverages %3cbr /%3e %3c/td%3e %3c/tr%3e %3ctr%3e %3ctd colspan%3d%222%22%3e%26nbsp%3b%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e To%26nbsp%3bsign up for a clinic%2c Please call Mark @773-858-3978%2c click on Book a Lesson%2c or stop by the Pro Shop at Golf Club of Illinois.%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e Due to the unfortunate number of no shows%2c the following policy is now being enforced for all clinics.%3cbr /%3e 3%26nbsp%3bdays %2b%26nbsp%3bcancellation-100%25 %26nbsp%3b3 day cancellation-50%25%26nbsp%3bUnder 24 hours- no refund%3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3cbr /%3e %3c/td%3e %3c/tr%3e %3c/tbody%3e %3c/table%3e %3cp style%3d%22text-align%3a left%3b vertical-align%3a top%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3e%3cspan style%3d%22font-size%3a 18px%3b text-decoration%3a underline%3b%22%3e %3c/span%3e%3c/strong%3e %3c/p%3e